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Lighting is an industry leader in the distribution of specialty replacement bulbs used in commercial, medical, and industrial applications based in Dallas, Texas.

Optics is an industry leader in the distribution of microscopes, illuminators, task lighting, fiber optics and replacement bulbs for scopes based in Dallas, Texas.

Cleanroom is an industry leader in the distribution of clean room supplies used in commercial, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications based in Dallas, Texas.

Lamptech has been the supplier of choice of specialty light bulbs to both wholesalers and end users for over 38 years. We offer great prices with excellent service!

SINCE 1981

In May of 1981, Specialty Optical Systems original business plan was to distribute microscopes, optical systems and technical lighting to high tech companies throughout the Southwest. The business started on a breakfast room table and operated out of the Petty’s home until moving to their own building in 1982.

Over time the business evolved and embraced technology by partnering with our larger customers to offer integrated consignment throughout multiple locations and companies. Through this business model SOS performed at nearly 100% fulfillment and customer satisfaction. This lead to opportunities to expand the products we sold within these companies to over 4,000 SKU’s.

SOS was an early adopter of eCommerce and utilized it’s inventory to offer products online. The strategy was and is to create specific websites which feature product categories which resulted in four specific eCommerce sites.

About Us

SOS Today

As Specialty Optical Systems became recognized as an excellent source for hard to find parts we rapidly grew its product offering. Today, SOS provides over 4,500 parts to the semiconductor industry…

SOS Future

SOS is constantly adding products which further supports the industries we serve. Our goal is not to only offer products but support them through excellent customer service and best in class websites. The data found on any SOS site has been carefully written to be accurate and complete so our customers are truly informed when they buy from us.


Why eCommerce?  SOS believes that accurate information is essential to providing customers a quality online experience.  This has taken SOS years to gather and implement into our websites.  Each page within our sites have been carefully written to provide our customers value as they decide to purchase.  eCommerce is the most efficient way to process orders at SOS and we will continue to strive towards growing our online presence. 

Industries Served


SOS built our business in this industry with technical lighting. Other opportunities became available because of our performance, which included facilities support and cleanroom supplies.


Hospitals across the country depend on SOS to stock hard-to-find replacement bulbs for a variety of applications. Microscopy and cleanroom supplies are also used in this industry on a consistent basis.


Universities utilize all aspect of the SOS supply chain because of the variety of research which is done. Everything from medical and semiconductor to pharmaceutical and microscopy is used in this industry. SOS is fortunate to consistently do business with some of the top universities in the world.


With the introduction of USP797/800, pharmacies across the country implemented clean environments which require specialty cleaning supplies. This industry is our fastest growing across the country.


The printing industry depends on reliable equipment cleaning so that their presses produce excellent print quality. SOS supports this industry with specialty cleaning products to optimize equipment performance.


This industry has been another major market segment of SOS. Government agencies and private companies on the edge of technology depend on SOS for specialty supplies to accomplish amazing engineering in space exploration and satellite deployment.